Thank you for stopping by my virtual business card. Here you will learn a little of my story and experience over the last twenty five years. For the last nine years I have been working with the Canadian Bible Society and have met great people across Canada. Now, I am entering another phase and looking forward to what is next!

There is nothing more exciting than connecting passion and practice in life. That wonderful place that puts each person where they need to be!  Most people take what comes their way and become comfortable because that is the easy thing to do.  I have been fortunate to work in areas that I am passionate about, as well as helping others to connect in those areas. 

“Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were mean to do.” – Satchel Paige

Please take a moment to look at my experience, resume and examples of some recent work projects. Perhaps there might be opportunity for us to connect and see what the possibilities might be?

Together we can see some exciting things happen!





| a little of my story

Headshot Don Miller

I was born in a little out of the way place in the middle of Zululand in Southern Africa.  A year later my parents moved to Swaziland where we lived for 12 years. My childhood was filled with adventures in the African bush and several near death experiences! After a brief stay in South Africa our family immigrated to Canada with my parents settling in Sarnia, Ontario. After attending school in Chicago and Toronto, I ended up in Ottawa.

I was married in 1989 to Judy Sider.  Our two children are still living with us as they complete their university education. As a family we enjoy outdoor activities and can often be found paddling on the Rideau River.

We moved to Ottawa to be a part of Arlington Woods Free Methodist Church.  For many years  I was the Youth Pastor and Assistant/Associate Pastor involved in various aspects of church life.  For the last six years I was the Senior Pastor providing leadership to the congregation. After leaving Arlington Woods, I was the Director of Development for a small non-profit youth organization and from there joined the Canadian Bible Society.

The connection with the Canadian Bible Society started when I became the Director for Eastern Ontario. During this time I gave leadership to a Prison Bible that is now used across Canada. I then took on responsibilities for Ontario and eventually became involved with National opportunities leading the Canadian Ministries team. Some of my work at the Canadian Bible Society is highlighted in the “Portfolio” section.

I am a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Ontario Bible College and the Arrow Leadership Program for young leaders in Canada. I am ordained with the Free Methodist Church in Canada.


| What others are saying

Don is a Godly man of integrity and vision and I count him as one of the finest Christian workers I have interacted with.” – Rev Mark Brown, President, Scripture Union USA.


“Don embraces a highly collaborative  leadership approach resulting in unique and creative strategies that leave a positive footprint wherever they are implemented. His character and commitment to integrity make him a welcome partner and colleague in any initiative.”  Rev. Ted Seres, National Director, Canadian Bible Society 2007-2014


“Don is a gifted speaker.  Don can make every member of the audience feel engaged because he uses language and imagery that each person can associate with their own personal story.  The end result is that the message is communicated in a sincere and effective manner.” -Garth Steele, CPA, CA,  Partner Welch LLP


“Don Miller is a energetic, motivating, strategic and thoughtful leader who effectively brings vision to life by engaging partners, volunteers and staff.  He embraces change and encourages innovation, finding new ways to achieve results.  His values and faith ground him, letting him offer care, consistency and competency in all he does.” -Scott Harris, Board Member


Qualifications Summary

I am a highly motivated individual who works well under pressure. Very comfortable working with volunteers and people from different cultures. Good negotiation skills and comfortable asking people for involvement and commitment. More than 25 years non-profit experience with strengths in:

  • Administration/Management
  • Human Resources/Personnel
  • Resource Development/Fundraising
  • International/Cross-cultural

Professional Experience


  • Provided leadership to a non-profit organization with over 700 members
  • Taught team building and leadership to volunteers and non-profit leaders
  • Oversaw all administration and made decisions regarding hardware and software
  • Helped encourage and lead social media initiative within the organization
  • Gave leadership to strategic planning process and project development
  • Saw a ten-percent growth in membership of one organization
  • Recruited partners across Canada for product distribution and doubled the number of strategic partnerships
  • Managed a $1,000,000 budget for Canadian work

Human Resources/Personnel:

  • Motivated and led a paid staff of 7 towards a common vision and mission in Ottawa
  • Led a paid staff of 7 to accomplish programs and distributions across Canada
  • Recruited, organized and oversaw a volunteer program of over 100 people
  • Mentored and coached several key leaders
  • Restructured staff job-descriptions and several community programs
  • Directed weekly staff meetings and monthly leadership training
  • Taught over 200 Ottawa area youth leaders using a nationally recognized program

Resource Development/Fundraising:

  • Developed, administered and raised budget of over $560,000 for one organization
  • Introduced and implemented a strategic fundraising plan
  • Asked key donors for gifts ranging from $1,000-$25,000
  • Raised funds of $30,000 to $65,000 for special projects
  • Initiated automatic debit program that raised over $10,000 monthly
  • Wrote proposals to strategically raise funds
  • Developed resources for strategic product distribution across Canada
  • Designed a training program and manuals for volunteer workers
  • Excellent communicator in both large and small group settings


  • Negotiated strategic cross-cultural partnerships in Ottawa
  • Began to create partnerships in Holland, Hungary, Germany and Spain
  • Managed and led volunteer teams on international trips
  • Supported and encouraged people volunteering internationally


Enrolled in Fundraising Management Program, Algonquin College

Course work started in Masters Program, Tyndale University

Arrow Leadership Program, for top young leaders under 40 in Canada

Bachelors of Religious Education, Tyndale College and Seminary

Employment History

Director of Canadian Ministry, Canadian Bible Society, Toronto, ON               2013-2016

Eastern Ontario Director, Canadian Bible Society, Ottawa, ON                        2007-2013

Director of Development, YOUCAN, Ottawa, ON                                              2006-2007

Senior Leader: Arlington Woods Church, Nepean, ON                                     1999-2005

Director of Adult Programming: Arlington Woods Church, Nepean, ON           1994-1998

Director of Youth Programming: Arlington Woods Church, Nepean, ON          1988-1994


  • Completed Team Building course with Canadian National Christian Foundation
  • Chairman of Global Committee for the Board of the Free Methodist Church in Canada
  • Received Stanley Boswell Award for Public Speaking from Tyndale College and Seminary
  • Certified as a Youth Worker Trainer and Consultant
  • Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution


  • Team Sports
  • Computers and Technology
  • Travel
  • Reading
  • Golfing and fishing


References Available on Request


| some past projects

Here are some highlights of what our team has accomplished in the last few years:

  1. The Key to Freedom Bible was designed to be distributed in prisons across Canada. In five years we have seen the distribution of close to 40,000 of these Bibles to those who are incarcerated. I had the opportunity to present one of these Bibles to Chuck Colson, through our connection with Prison Fellowship.
  2. The Adventure for Life Bible was created for distribution at kids camps across Canada. The last few years have seen the distribution of almost 20,000 of these bibles.
  3. The NRSV Bible was a unique bibles that was made available when we received requests from Catholic organizations. We had opportunity to Partner with several Catholic Ministries for distribution in High Schools and University/College campuses.
  4. Over 250 Partnerships with organizations/ministries/camps across Canada, sometimes in very remote areas. Through these partnerships, thousands of Bibles were distributed and in some cases multi-year arrangements were in place.
  5. A new youth initiative was created to connect youth and youth workers with needed resources and a strategy for Bible engagement. In addition we sponsored several significant youth opportunities.
  6. Strategic conversations were started with organizations that had the potential to reach out to new markets.


| let's connect